They are hot, they like it raw and they are ready to fuck – muscle hairy porn stars Sharok and Marco Napoli in a barebacks session for Raging Stallion’s “Hot, Raw and Ready!” Sharok and Marco are now stripped and good to go when Sharok jumps on his knees to support Marco’s huge cock. He works it all through his eager mouth, getting himself hard as a stone as his mouth does practically everything. At the point when Marco sees Sharok’s massive hard-on, he drops to his knees to give back where its due.

Sharok cherishes the vibe of Marco’s lips folded over his pole, and face fucks Marco until Sharok is prepared to take it up the ass. Marco Napoli twists the stud over the bed and eats his bushy ass until Marco is certain that Sharok is open and prepared for all the raw cock he’s going to take. Marco slides his massive, uncovered meat into Sharok’s tight hole and siphons away, diving deep and hard as he gets the pace to give Sharok the bareback extending his hole asks for.

Sharok and Marco Napoli - Hot, Raw and Ready

Sharok needs to show off his riding abilities and flips Marco on his back so he can bounce on top to take it to the most extreme profundity. He rides the hard cock covered in his ass here and there until Marco Napoli needs one last go from behind. Marco pushes his cock inside doggie-style, and fucks Sharok until his cock is prepared to detonate. Marco hauls out and impacts his thick burden all over Sharok’s air pocket butt before fucking the cum into his hole. With his ass completely stacked, Sharok moves over and covers his stomach with smooth white jizz.

Sharok and Marco Napoli - Hot, Raw and Ready 1



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