Sherman Maus Fist Fucks Josh Mikael

Sherman Maus Fist Fucks Josh Mikael 1

Fisting Central’s new power bottom Josh Mikael makes his debut in a double fisting scene with Sherman Maus, who fist fucks Josh’s hole. Josh is searching for an advancement however when his manager, Sherman Maus, communicates his hesitance to enable him to out, Josh breaks new ground and offers up more to persuade Sherman he’s the man for the activity. Sherman concedes he needs to ease some pressure and doesn’t squander a second getting between Josh’s legs to bring his additional thick cock down his throat. Josh actually needs this advancement and is anxious to satisfy his manager.

‘I’ll successfully get this!’ Josh Mikael shouts. Sherman Maus puts his worker under a magnifying glass and when he’s finished nursing on Josh’s cock, he offers up his shaft for Josh to taste. Josh sucks on his manager’s massive shaft before he twists around to present his tight hole to be utilized. Sherman slides his thick cock profound into Josh’s natural hollow and siphons away until he chooses to truly test his representative’s breaking points.

Sherman Maus Fist Fucks Josh Mikael

Sherman gloves up and slaps his hands into a tank of oil before pummeling his fist into Josh’s spent ass. Josh Mikael can take anything you toss his direction and Sherman Maus puts him under serious scrutiny by rotating shut fists into Josh’s messy hole. Sherman punch-fucks the vast hole and twofold fists the asking hunk until his rosebud flies out and he shoots himself with cum. Josh may have satisfied his manager, however he hasn’t seized his advancement at this time.




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