Silas Rise Fist Fucks Casper Ellis

Silas Rise Fist Fucks Casper Ellis 1

Today at My Dirtiest Fantasy, Master Silas Rise returns to the basement, where Casper Ellis is waiting to get fist fucked by him. Casper is a long way from completed with Silas, with his ass noticeable all around, and face on the floor, he gets a quick warm-up with the whip, which leaves his ass in torment, however as though Silas cared the slightest bit, he’s as yet beginning on the young man’s ass.

In the event that you’ve been observing long enough, at this point you realize dark gloves mean fisting is yet to come! With Casper’s pucker in plain view, with his legs tied up to the roof, Casper’s ass will be utilized, opened and extended to suit Silas’ hand and the most piece of his lower arm, to the degree of the slave cumming with scarcely any need of Silas’ assistance.

Silas Rise Fist Fucks Casper Ellis




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