Falcon Studios’ latest hit “Love and Lust in Montreal” continues with a good threesome that features Skyy Knox, Devin Franco & Steven Lee. Devin gripes to Skyyand Steven about how he didn’t get any Canadian cock while on his excursion to Montreal. As an incidental award, Skyy and Steven offer their cocks up to Devin, who cheerfully acknowledges the advertising. Skyy pulls down his jeans as Devin and Steven jump on his hard dick to suck it all the while. Not to be forgotten about, Steven hauls out his hard dick as the other two alternate taking it in their mouths.

All the sucking fun gets the folks exposed and before you know it, everybody has a dick or an ass in their mouth. Devin Franco is prepared for more and as he makes out with Skyy Knox, he twists around to let Steven Lee fuck his ass. With a mouth on his dick and a cock up his hole, Devin is in paradise as Steven siphons him from behind. The three studs can’t get enough of one another as they change things up to alternate on Devin’s excited ass.

Skyy Knox, Devin Franco & Steven Lee - Love and Lust in Montreal

Skyy Knox needs to take part in getting fucked and twists around to let Devin Franco dive within him. As Devin drives all through Skyy, Steven Lee has his spot behind Devin and the studs structure a chain with Devin getting joy from both the front and the back. Devin is prepared to blast and with both Skyy and Steven fingering his hole, he gives up and blasts into Steven’s open mouth. After Skyy and Steven lick up the heap, Skyy cums on Devin’s ass and balls. As he eats up his very own jizz, Steven remains above Devin and shoots his smooth burden down Devin’s throat.

Skyy Knox, Devin Franco & Steven Lee - Love and Lust in Montreal 1



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