This week on Young Bastards, Sly Conan turns Cesar Rose into his private fuck slave. Sly plows the guy’s hole hard and rough. Sly is out waiting to pounce when lean and twinky Cesar Rose gets his attention. It takes some time before the guy understands he’s being stalked, yet despite everything he appears to do not understand what the attractive chap is extremely after. Maybe he knows he’s searching for sex, however he doesn’t appear to understand he’s going to turn out to be Sly’s fuck slave!

At the point when the young fellow gets only him he jumps, snatching youthful Cesar and limiting his options, uncovering his substantial cock and stuffing it in the guy’s face. It isn’t so much that Cesar realizes he ought to go along, it’s that he wouldn’t like to battle back. The flavor of precum spilling into his mouth has his own cock swelling and overflowing clear squeeze, he wants more.

Twisted around with his ass on show he takes a forceful fingering, however the digits inside are just preparing him for the raw slamming meat Sly is going to convey. Fucked hard from behind the guy shouts out, his torment blended with joy as he takes it, his dick ricocheting and flickering. At the point when the attractive dom has had enough of his hole he dismantles out to convey the last demonstration of proprietorship, shooting ropes of cum over his hostage’s face, an activity which before long has Cesar wanking out his very own substantial cream.

Sly Conan and Cesar Rose for Young Bastards



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