Alexander Garrett & Rego Bello for Bad Puppy

Alexander Garrett & Rego Bello for Bad Puppy 1

Latin studs Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello are unstoppable in their great fuck session for Bad Puppy. Rego is an excellent top and Alexander is so lucky to bottom for him. Coming back to Badpuppy as a wedded couple, Alexander and Rego have been as one for a long time and wedded now for three. Alexander is increasingly repressed and Rego confesses to being somewhat wild and insane, jumping at the chance to flavor things up. Our two hot studs strip out of their shirts at the finish of the meeting and Rego rushes toward Alexander’s shorts where he pushes in his grasp snatching Alexander’s protruding, whole cock.

Rego Bello pulls Alexander’s shorts off and swallows the whole length of Alexander’s thick dick. In the wake of making the most of Alexander’s cock, Rego sits back on the bed. He and Alexander strip off his shorts and Alexander Garrett gets down to business orally satisfying his significant other’s thick bit of meat. The two are soon sixty-nineing and groaning with delight. Alexander hops over Rego’s cock and gradually slides down onto his thick shaft. Alexander begins riding all over, his very own hard cock bobbing each time Rego’s cock winds up in a sorry situation. Alexander eagerly rides Rego’s dick driving it as somewhere inside himself as could reasonably be expected. Both of them move forward on the bed with Rego’s cock failing to come out of Alexander’s ass.

Alexander Garrett & Rego Bello for Bad Puppy

Alexander Garrett goes from being on his knees with Rego Bello beating hard from despite to moved over on his good faith with his legs pushed once more into his chest. Alexander begins jacking his cock while Rego keeps beating his ass. Alexander’s balls fix as his stroke protracts and soon, he blows a thick heap of jizz all over himself while Rego licks at his balls. Rego inclines forward and starts licking the cum from Alexander’s cock while he strokes his own stone hard cock. It just takes two or three strokes of his hand and he is squirting floods of cum all over Alexander’s balls and cock.

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