Cesar Rossi Barebacks Liam Greer

Cesar Rossi Barebacks Liam Greer 1

On this week’s Men Over 30 update by Pride Studios, Cesar Rossi welcomes muscle daddy Liam Greer and his cock hungry bareback hole. Cesar and Liam enter the storage space after their working (Cesar is his coach) and Liam is getting down on himself about not getting greater in the exercise center. Cesar discloses to him he looks incredible and comforts him. Before long their eyes meet intentionally and they are kissing.

Cesar Rossi Barebacks Liam Greer

Liam drops to his knees and sucks Cesar’s hard whole cock where it counts his throat. Cesar then sucks Liam’s hard cock and after that turns him around and edges his ass. He at that point fucks Liam from behind raw and Liam adores feeling each push. Liam then rides Cesar’s cock somewhere down in his ass. Cesar then puts Liam on his back and fucks him until both shoot their heaps.




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