Devin Franco & Jake Porter – 7 Minutes In Heaven

Devin Franco & Jake Porter - 7 Minutes In Heaven 1

Falcon Studios presents its brand new series “7 Minutes In Heaven”. Episode 1 features Devin Franco & Jake Porter, fucking each other bareback. Playing an adult variant of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Devin, who’s in an open relationship, draws the name of the more held and monogamous, Jake Porter. They head off to be distant from everyone else in the room away from their gathering of companions, and Devin doesn’t squander a second jumping on his knees before the stone-hard stud. Devin sucks and guzzles on Jake’s shaft until Jake sees that Devin’s hardened dick is throbbing also. Jake gives back where it’s due and gives Devin a pleasant long penis massage at that point twists the hunk over to edge his smooth ass.

Devin Franco & Jake Porter - 7 Minutes In Heaven

Jake Porter takes as much time as necessary enjoying Devin’s excited hole, ensuring that Devin Franco is prepared for his raw, thick dick to smash inside. Devin cannot hang tight any more drawn out for Jake’s cock and offers up his ass for Jake to pound bareback however he sees fit. In the wake of taking an unfaltering beating, Devin is prepared to change things up and jumps on to ride Jake here and there. He takes the youthful stud’s pole right down to the base until he’s prepared to assume responsibility.

Devin Franco flips Jake Porter over and takes a sample of his succulent ass before the hunks flip-fuck as Devin slides his thick, exposed shaft profound into Jake, giving the stud precisely what he needs. Devin siphons away with his raw dick, getting himself to the verge as he hauls out and covers Jake’s dick with cum. Jake is prepared to cum also and utilizes Devin’s jizz as lube as he pounds one out while Devin fingers his hole. Jake shoots his heap all over his tore abs as an eager for cum Devin licks up each and every drop.




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