Devin Franco & Jonathan Miranda – London Calling

Devin Franco & Jonathan Miranda - London Calling 1

This week’s part of London Calling is a very interesting scene with power bottoms Devin Franco and Jonathan Miranda. But who’ll be the top?! Actually, both of them. Devin gets lost touring in London when he meets the look of a benevolent Priest named Jonathan. Devin anxiously requests bearings and Jonathan drives him inside the congregation. Jonathan guides him up the old stone stairs to the rooftop where Devin twists around the edge to look at the sights. Lured by what he finds before him, Jonathan begins scouring his developing cock through his dark robes. Devin keeps appreciating the sights, unaware of the Priest’s unobtrusive advances. Jonathan needs consideration went to him and whips out his hard cock to begin jacking it out in the open.

Devin Franco & Jonathan Miranda - London Calling

Devin Franco at long last notification the horny Priest and drops to his knees to affirm his transgressions. Devin works Jonathan’s sacred post all through his mouth until Jonathan Miranda drives them to another room where they can have some security and take it to the following level. Jonathan moves rapidly and twists Devin over a table to slide his throbbing cock profound into the asking traveler. Jonathan’s hips gradually pound at Devin’s ass as Jonathan works his route further into Devin’s hole doggie style. Jonathan keeps up the steady beating on Devin’s tight ass until Devin turns the tables and gets the cleric on his knees to take some dick up his ass.

Conveying a profound flip-flop minute, Devin Franco drills Jonathan Miranda doggie. The Priest is in sexual paradise, yet he isn’t finished with Devin yet. As any great minister would do, Jonathan, goes for evangelist position, sliding his dick back in Devin’s ass one final time until he pushes Devin over the edge. Devin how about we out a gusher and Jonathan takes himself to the final turning point, hauling out and shooting his blessed seed all over Devin’s spent and gasping body.




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