Gabriel Cross & Colton Reece – London Calling

Gabriel Cross & Colton Reece - London Calling 1

In this episode of London Calling by Falcon Studios, Gabriel Cross blows Colton Reece, before Colton proceeds rimming and fucking Gabriel’s ass. Gabriel sends Colton a message, and the two intend to meet out on the town in London. Colton clears his path through the bustling boulevards, exploring the surges of individuals and vehicles to at last discover Gabriel, grinning and pausing. The two get together and head down the stairs into the cylinder station where they return the train to a level. When they stroll through the entryway, the two are as of now hot and horny for one another.

Gabriel Cross & Colton Reece - London Calling

Gabriel Cross & Colton Reece rapidly strip down, and Gabriel begins sucking on Colton’s hard cock. The site of Gabriel’s attractive air pocket ass makes Colton crazy as he licks and fingers Gabriel’s smooth hole. Colton utilizes Gabriel’s mouth to lube his fingers as he plans Gabriel for his tremendous dick. Colton needs to feel Gabriel from within and propels himself profound into his British companion from behind. Gabriel groans out with each push from Colton’s thick dick, leaving the two studs shy of breath.

Colton Reece flips Gabriel Cross around to give him a chance to ride the massive dick in his ass. ‘Gracious fuck better believe it, ride that fuck!’ Colton groans out as Gabriel works his asshole around Colton’s hard dick. At long last, it’s beyond what Gabriel can take and he lets free to shoot his heap all over Colton’s tight chest and abs. Gabriel inclines down to kiss Colton before he says ‘my turn’ and jumps on his knees with his mouth open wide. Colton gives Gabriel what he wants by impacting his face and tongue with a massive heap of jizz.




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