Guys In Sweatpants

Sadistic tattooed top is back to Young Bastards. This week he has a new toy for abusing – sexy jock Matthew Sommer, who loves BDSM games. Enormous man Luke is studying the old stockroom for his managers when he finds youthful Matthew ruining another divider. He’s not the sort of man a dude ought to irritate, or maybe he is? Matthew attempts to run, however there’s no getting away from the amazing hunk or his hard whole fuckstick. This man realizes how to show a dude like Matthew a thing or two, removing his shirt and pushing the dude to his knees, his officially throbbing cock immediately stuffed into the dude’s mouth.

Luke Ward & Matthew Sommer for Young Bastards

Matthew Sommer knows he needs to comply, licking the man’s substantial balls and sucking on his dick, drinking the precum siphoning from it. Pushed in a bad position with his shorts pulled down his hot little ass is on show, and it’s not void for long. Luke Ward punches his bare cock inside, fucking the dude hard before making Matthew ride his dick on the grimy floor. With his butt throbbing Matthew wanks off and emits a massive chaos of cum everywhere throughout the ground, destined to be coordinated by the embarrassing cum load Luke heaves all over him.

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