Guys In Sweatpants

Master Aaron is a sadistic young Master who loves to play hard. David Luca is happy to be used and fucked bareback by this rough dude. Aaron is the sort of men the various folks in the posse don’t contend with, he be a mean fucker in the event that they attempt to deny him his entitlement to utilize their holes. David knows it great, so when the guy comes searching for a mouth to nourish and a man hole to fuck he’s quickly loyal. He begins licking his shoes, he realizes Aaron likes to see his folks being little bitches that way, yet soon enough his whole fickstick is out of his sweats and sliding into David’s ravenous mouth.

In the wake of kicking back and giving David a chance to do basically everything on his spilling device he directs his concentration toward his mates ass, spitting between his cheeks and fingering his fuckhole. He just needs a little spit in there to make it simple to fill, he doesn’t give a fuck whether David Luca needs lube or not. He slides in, his balls slapping while he slams his mate and uses his meaty chute, it’s superior to any of the toys he has and unquestionably more sweltering than his hand. Taking his slave from behind he gets his heap stirred up, a great fucking untidy one, siphoning out of his cock and soaking David’s mouth with cream. When he tastes his Master’s heap he’s prepared to squirt his own cum up himself.

Master Aaron Uses and Fucks David Luca

Tim Tales


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