Guys In Sweatpants

Young slave Rodion Taxa is at his master’s disposal. Master Noah Pierce gives great pleasure and pain to his victim in this scene by My Dirtiest Fantasy. With a charming яшка like Rodion attached to a section, it’s hard for anybody not to bow down and suck his lovely cock. Be that as it may, Noah has a greater number of plans in his playbook than just sucking the young men cock, as he snatches his whip to change Rodion’s skin shading to a progressively pinkish shading, with stops in the middle of to continue sucking the young men cock.

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Rodion Taxa & Noah Pierce

Sooner or later, Noah loosens him from the segment and has him bow to draw him off, before tossing the matress down to the floor and having the slave lay level on it with his ass up. We as a whole realize that what’s next is a shabby fuck and one of them consummation canvassed in cum!

Tim Tales


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