Nic Sahara Barebacks Zak Bishop

Nic Sahara Barebacks Zak Bishop 1

Tattooed stud Nic Sahara has a special gift for his friend Zak Bishop – Nic’s working cock shoved in Zak’s hole. It’s a bareback bonanza on Bad Puppy. The two studs start passionately kissing and grabbing. They stand, take off their shirts and keeping in mind that they keep kissing, every one of them pulls off the other’s clothing. Their hands paw at one another’s cock which are currently standing straight up. Nic reaches back, pulls separated Zak’s ass and sticks his finger into Zak’s hole. Zak drops to his knees, gobbles up Nic’s whole bit of meat and afterward works his tongue around Nic’s prepuce.

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Nic Sahara movements for Zak to go along with him on the couch where Nic hangs over and gets down to business orally satisfying Zak’s thick, long cock. Zak moves over on the couch, gets up on every one of the fours and Nic covers his tongue profound inside Zak’s ass. He tongue-fucks Zak’s hole, preparing him for his thick, whole dick. Nic stands up and pushes his cock profound into Zak. Zak takes it effectively and the ass-beating starts. Zak Bishop jacks his cock while Nic fucks the hell out of him. Taking a little control, Zak has Nic sit back on the couch and Zak plunks down on Nic’s dick.

Nic Sahara Barebacks Zak Bishop

It’s not some time before Zak Bishop is ricocheting all over, getting a charge out of each inch as Nic’s dick beats facing his prostate. The precum starts overflowing out of Zak’s cock as Nic siphons more enthusiastically. Both of them end up on the floor with Nic driving Zak’s legs back before driving his cock back in. Nic pushes Zak closer to climax as he fucks him considerably harder. Zak splashes an untidy heap of cum all over himself as he groans with each stroke from Nic. Nic Shara hauls his dick out, starts stroking it and he blows thick surges of jizz all over Zak.




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