Ray Rio and Ethan Wilder for Staxus

Ray Rio and Ethan Wilder for Staxus 1

Cock sucking, wet blowjobs, ass rimming and bareback fucking, horny guys Ray Rio & Ethan Wilder are willing to do anything in this Staxus scene. Summer is here, and our young men do love to suck on a frozen yogurt to hint themselves to each other. Ethan has stood out enough to be noticed, and he, consequently will get the opportunity to attempt an alternate sort of popsicle!

Ethan has one too which Ray doesn’t mull over attempting, so after some tip licking, ball sucking, he chooses to take it profound, including some ass to mouth activity. Obviously, both young men appreciate every single snapshot of this adventure, as observed when both young men get even the last drop of each other’s cum!

Ray Rio and Ethan Wilder for Staxus




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