Seamus O’Reilly Fisted By Dale Savage

Seamus O'Reilly Fisted By Dale Savage 1

Seamus O’Reilly has not only a very big dick, but also a large ass. Muscle daddy Dale Savage is here to help him by filling that huge gape. Seamus is on the can at work jacking off to a messy magazine when his manager, Dale Savage, strolls in and gets him with his fat dick in his grasp. Dale isn’t excessively cheerful, however when Seamus coincidentally calls his manager Daddy, Dale mellow and is glad to give Seamus a pass on this one carelessness.

Seamus O'Reilly Fisted By Dale Savage

Dale Savage sees his chance and jumps on his knees to support the ginger hunk’s huge and thick cock. Seamus O’Reilly need to thank his supervisor for being so merciful, so Dale opens his jeans and Seamus brings the enormous daddy dick down his open throat. At the point when Dale is shake hard, he’s prepared to plunge into Seamus’ vast hole face first. He twists his subordinate over the sink and edges his ass to open him up before he gets Seamus out on the table on his hands and knees to dive his fist wrist-somewhere inside.

Seamus O’Reilly’s hole opens wide for Dale’s monster fist yet Seamus needs it considerably more profound. He crouches on Dale Savage’s lower arm and rides it all over until he’s prepared for one last go with Dale in control. Dale spreads Seamus out on the table with his legs noticeable all around and pummels his hand inside the stud’s busted hole once again. He keeps on extending Seamus’ ass until Seamus impacts a rich white burden all over his flame groin.




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