In this gay fisting video by Club Inferno Dungeon, Sherman Maus opens his legendary hole for Tony Orlando’s big fist. Tony fist fucks him – rough and hard, as Sherman loves it. Criminologist Orlando is back in the region to cross examine Sherman Maus, who’s wound up in the screwy cop’s locale by and by. The two strike up an arrangement to ‘deal with one another’ and Tony sinks to his knees to draw off the outlaw in handcuffs. The appointee makes a point not to miss an inch of Sherman’s cock and balls before twisting him over his work area to open his law-breaking hole with his tongue.

Tony Orlando Fist Fucks Sherman Maus

With Sherman Maus still twisted around the analyst’s work area, Tony Orlando starts to work his fingers into Sherman’s tight ass until his whole fist is expanding the criminal’s hole. Sherman spreads his ass cheeks separated to let Tony work his trigger finger all through his hole. Changing things up, Tony advises Sherman to lie back around his work area so he would fist be able to punch his hole. Tony perseveringly bores his ‘long arm of the law’ profound into Sherman’s split until Sherman flies out a thick rosebud for Tony to taste. Sherman needs to cum and gets up to hunch down on Tony’s gloved fist. He rides the cop’s hand while yanking his thick cock until he spills his heap out onto Tony’s hand. With Sherman’s hot cum in his grasp, Tony twists him more than one final time to push the newly shot burden straight once again into Sherman’s busted hole.



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