Tyler Lakes & Oliver Star – Flip Fuck

Tyler Lakes & Oliver Star - Flip Fuck 1

Tyler Lakes & Oliver Star take turns pounding each other’s assholes in this flip fuck session for Pride Studios. Enjoy these horny, young studs! Summer Break has started and an opportunity to play has begun. Each of the four young men are prepared to shake and roll. They toast at the pool bar and after that every one of the four go into the pool and skip around with one another.

They all get stripped and Mike and Javier marvel off together and Tyler Lakes and Oliver Star pair off. Tyler and Oliver come into the room and Oliver begins sucking Tyler’s cock. Oliver at that point granulates his ass of Tyler’s hard cock for some time before Tyler twists him over and edges his ass. He at that point fucks Oliver from behind twisted around the bed. Oliver at that point edges Tyler’s ass and after that fucks him on his back profound and hard. Tyler cums and afterward Oliver hauls out and shoots all over him.

Tyler Lakes & Oliver Star - Flip Fuck




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