It’s time for a pure bareback pleasure at Bad Puppy. Derek Cline really needs a big cock and Jacob Conar has the perfect one for Derek’s ass. We join Derek previously pushing his tongue profound into Jacob Conar’s mouth. Derek slides onto Jacob’s lap where he removes his shirt. Jacob inclines forward and starts licking and gnawing at Derek’s areolas. Derek’s eyes uncover exactly how much he’s getting a charge out of it. Jacob moves Derek onto the couch, takes off his shirt and continues to granulate groins as the two keep kissing. Jacob snatches one of Derek’s feet and starts kissing and licking at Derek’s toes. Derek slides his jeans off, he moves back, dismantling his knees back to his ears and Jacob covers his face profound into Derek’s ass. Jacob’s tongue works after some time preparing Derek’s hole.

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Jacob Conar strips off his jeans snatches his thick cock and pushes it gradually yet intentionally into Derek’s ass. The two fuck for a few minutes; however, Derek chooses he needs to suck on Jacob’s cock. He pivots and swallows Jacob’s whole length and afterward Jacob continues to confront fuck Derek Cline. Jacob gets back up behind Derek, pushes his dick over into Derek’s hole and approaches beating the hellfire out of Derek’s ass. Jacob is the first to lose it. He hauls out of Derek’s ass and jacks his stone hard cock until he blows a thick, chaotic burden all over Derek’s cock and balls. Jacob reaches down and starts fingering Derek’s hole while Derek jerks himself off. Derek’s nuts and whole body before long fix as he squirts his jizz as far as possible up to his pecs.

Bad Puppy: Derek Cline Gets Fucked By Jacob Conar



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