Guys In Sweatpants

In this bareback session by Bromo, young slut Gonzo rides the raw cock of the brutal top Cano. Cano cums all over his kinky boyfriend. Cano spots Gonzo strolling by in the city and quickly concludes that he needs the whiskery stud’s cock within him. Gonzo leads Cano to his home where he lets the energetic twink give him a long and profound sensual caress.

Bromo: Cano Fucks Gonzo

Cano takes Gonzo’s cock right down, letting the dim haired hunk fuck his face in the lounge before moving into the room so they can take it to the following level. Gonzo edges Cano’s shaggy hole, playing with the smooth-chested man’s ass before pushing his cock into him. Cano takes everything, groaning as Gonzo’s thick bar pulverizes him until they’ve both shot their thick white burdens.

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