Another edgy, but very cool video by Bromo. This week Bromo’s superstar Bo Sinn meets another superstar, Ian Green. Guess who the bottom is. Meanwhile, let’s tell you something about the plot.

Bromo Presents: Bo Sinn and Ian Greene

When Ian receives a message “I’ve been watching you. I’ve left something in your room”, he’s eager to check out what is the thing in his room and who’s the guy behind the anonymous number. He leads to his house, but it looks that someone is following him.

Bromo Presents: Bo Sinn and Ian Greene 1

Once in the room, Ina Greene finds leather straps and chains. Ian realizes this can be quite dangerous, but decides to use the equipment left by the unknown man. He just locked the chains, when Bo Sinn enters the room. Ian has no choice, and in fact, he wants everything that happens to him. Bo spanks him for a while, before barebacking rough his ass.


Raging Stallion