This week’s solo video by SpunkU, features the newest model Daniel Hausser. If you remember, last week we watched him in Peter Fever’s The Yang Gayng. Ever prepared to please he begins with the most streetwear-prepared, taking a stab at the sensual and gaudy shorts, tops and underpants until he works his way to the closest room attire. When he at long last gets into a transparent trimmed shirt with coordinating electric blue thong, his energy is jabbing out before him and requires some independent consideration. Time to resign to the room!

Indeed, even in bed, Daniel has a couple of fan-top picks to give it a shot. He has had a gem topped buttplug in his eager hole all through the photoshoot and feels the sex surge hardening his huge pole. Siphoning his hips with each push into his getting a handle on clench hand, we see he enjoys this new expansion to his munitions stockpile of suggestion. He needs to hold himself from cumming promptly since he needs to get his new clear precious stone glass dildo in there to give it a shot for size. Sliding it around till it hits only the correct spot in his tight youthful hole, he automatically groans with joy as his dick releases a gob of sticky precum.

Daniel Hausser Jerks Off For SpunkU

In his very own universe of a sexual dream, he welcomes us in to envision our balls slapping against his smooth ass as the dildo flies in and out. He stands it on the bed and crushes his hole down onto the hot hard trespasser. “AHHH, fuck me!” he moans as his substantial dick sways before him. He props his ass on cushions and lifts his advantages in an accomplishment of sexual tumbling. His feet flex and twist as he comes to the heart of the matter of no arrival.

Filling his ass to the overflow as he beats his tenacious woody, Daniel, at last, capitulates, moves over to drain out the heap that is bubbling up in his balls. The cameras catch sperm flying out over the bed and down his beating clench hand. His body tenses and throbs lastly he lies back, spent and shrouded in a thick sheen of hot manjuice. He makes a gesture of blowing us a kiss farewell, appreciative of the hot molds and toys that made this searing session so much fun.



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