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There are some secrets you have to keep away from your parents. Just like Tristan Hunter and Logan Cross in episode 1 of “Don’t Tell My Dad.” Logan’s dad doesn’t want to know how his little boy bottoms for Tristan’s bareback cock. Logan and Tristan are closest companions who disclose to one another everything, despite the fact that Logan’s somewhat of a prig with regards to discussing their sexual experiences!

Don't Tell My Dad: Tristan Hunter & Logan Cross

At the point when Logan understands that Tristan really likes Logan’s stepfather, the two twinks get to talking and before you know it Logan is demonstrating how explicitly freed he is by taking Tristan’s huge cock right down his throat. Nothing can stop the two horny and fit fellows from getting it on, not by any means Logan’s stepfather practically getting them in the demonstration! Before long Tristan is twisted around and giving his charming companion a chance to pound his hole again and again, bareback!

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