Guys In Sweatpants

In today’s bareback scene by Next Door Studios, we have 4 extremely horny guys for you – Elye Black, Donte Thick, Princeton Price & Zane Williams. This isn’t the first run through roomies Elye Black and Princeton Price have facilitated a bash and if it’s in any way similar to their past gatherings, the main house standard is that there are no guidelines.

Elye Black, Donte Thick, Princeton Price, and Zane Williams

Both folks host got a gathering buddy at the exercise center Donte Thick was obvious targets for Elye yet Princeton needed to work Zane Williams a tad and since the group is all here, anything goes. Zane Williams is bashful from the outset, yet when his jeans fall off, so do the restraints as he demonstrates to be an incredible find. Donte Thick is a cock-pig, similarly as publicized, and when he asks them three to give him their heaps, they all concur this may be something other than a one-time get-together.

Tim Tales


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