Falcon Studios: Colton Reece Pumps Dakota Payne

Falcon Studios: Colton Reece Pumps Dakota Payne 2

On Falcon Studios, Colton Reece makes Dakota Payne the happiest bottom on the planet by pumping his ass with his bareback cock. At the point when a gathering of companions chooses to play a grown-up adaptation of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’, Dakota pulls Colton’s name from the bowl of tops. Dakota is uncertain if he’s truly into the game, yet Colton rapidly persuades him he’ll appreciate it and takes him to the room where both of them strip down as Dakota drops to his knees. He can hardly wait to get Colton’s girthy cock down his throat and anxiously sucks the stud until his thick dick is decent and hard.

Falcon Studios: Colton Reece Pumps Dakota Payne

Colton gives back where its due with a brisk sensual caress before twisting Dakota over to open his ass with his tongue. At the point when Colton faculties that Dakota is prepared for his dick, he slips inside the energetic stud and pounds his ass hard and raw. Colton is determined and doesn’t ease up the pace as he continues giving Dakota everything he can deal with. Dakota needs to look at Colton without flinching as he pounds his ass and flips onto his back to watch Colton fuck him bareback.

Falcon Studios: Colton Reece Pumps Dakota Payne 1

Dakota’s hole feels astounding folded over Colton’s cock and soon, Colton can never again keep down. Colton lets free and shoots his heap on Dakota’s spent hole before taking a sample of his jizz and offering it to the Dakota. Colton needs to see Dakota cum and fucks his jizz into the stud until he makes his mate drop his heap all over himself. The two studs share a kiss and breakdown onto the bed after an astounding and freeing fuck.




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