Jay Donahue & Jack Dyer for Pride Studios

Jay Donahue & Jack Dyer for Pride Studios 2

Another couple of hairy older men make our weekend great again ;). Furry Jay Donahue gets fucked bareback by extra hairy daddy Jack Dyer in this week’s Men Over 30 update by Pride Studios. These two play a little edgy, as the session is a strange form of bromance mixed with rough bareback fucking. To be honest, daddy Jack doesn’t like vanilla and he prefers harder play. This video of him and muscle bears Liam & Will is the perfect example. Jay is really into hairy studs like Sean Harding, for example. So, it looks that Jay and Jack fit perfectly with each other.

Jay Donahue & Jack Dyer for Pride Studios

How does the scene start? Jack Dyer and Jay are in the room and Jack needs to know whether Jay is wearing what he asked him to, his Jock Strap. Jay Donahue reveals to him, yes and they start making out and Jack pulls off his pants and takes in his kid’s muscle head and decent furry body. Jack starts sucking Jay’s hard cock and licking his pre-cum. Jay needs to see his Daddy’s jockstrap, yet Jack makes him sit tight and ask for it before pulling off his pants. He at that point moves Jay onto his back and edges his ass profound before pulling off Jay’s jockstrap and making him smell it while he sustains him his cock.

Jay Donahue & Jack Dyer for Pride Studios 1

And the hottest part… With sucking and smelling one another, Jack directs his concentration toward Jay’s furry ass and he edges his hole. He at that point fucks Jay from behind while sustaining his jockstrap to him. Jay at that point flips on his back and Jack fucks him and sucks his toes simultaneously. They fuck until Jay blows his heap and afterward Jack shoots his.




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