This week’s solo by Bad Puppy features Mikey Allens – a straight skater who likes to play with his cock and ass in front of a camera. Actually, if you look at his ass, you’ll see that Mikey likes ass play a lot. Mikey gradually pulls off his shorts and clothing. He has a thick, stout cock with tremendous balls loaded with cum, swinging underneath. Before getting serious Mikey bows over the seat, spreads his ass with his hands permitting us a decent, tight see. Mikey settles back in the seat, props up his legs on the arms of the seat and starts pleasuring himself.

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As Mikey Allens jacks his cock with one hand, he starts fingering and testing his asshole with his other hand. He keeps playing with his ass more often than not he’s snapping off along these lines, this is one straight person who’s not contradicted to something going up his butt. As he’s drawing near to busting his nut, Mikey starts driving his finger all through his ass with as speedy a mood as he’s jacking his dick. Mikey starts breathing extremely profound and with only a smidgen of a groan his cock starts beating and after that he squirts a thick heap of cum all over himself.

Mikey Allens Jerks Off for Bad Puppy



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