Do you know there is something called PVC fetish? Rodion Taxa is in PVC from head to toe and he’s going to get fucked by Peter Polloc. Beginning with what might seem an outsider strolling in on a smoky room, we locate a cutting edge twink wearing a gas veil and shrouded in PVC apparel, obviously that if a twink strolls in a distribution center this way, he won’t be invited energetically, similar to the case, he’s secured to a seat for further investigation by Rodion.

His hand rushes to go to the crotch zone, where after a great deal of scouring, he’s semi-hard, and Rodion likes what he’s seeing, to such an extent, that after he gets the kid hard he sucks his cock, and in the end makes the kid draw him off as well! before proceeding onward to a greater amount of an ass destroying act, obviously that this kid will be canvassed in kid squeeze very soon!

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Peter Polloc & Rodion Taxa



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