My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Tristan Flip – Chapter 1

My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Tristan Flip - Chapter 1 1
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This week on My FTM Crush, another gay guy is going to try pussy boy Ari Koyote. Tristan Flip licks Ari’s cunt and cums all over it. Tristan’s delicate, light mustache brushes against Ari’s lips as they kiss, giving him a lovely tickle as they draw nearer. Ari passionately folds his arms over him, feeling the solid, supporting vitality of his new sweetheart. Tristan kisses erotically down his neck as he runs his hands over Ari’s back and chest.

My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Tristan Flip - Chapter 1

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Tristan lifts Ari up onto the bed. He spreads his legs separated to get a more intensive take a gander at his lovely pussy. He covers his face profound into it, stimulating it with his mustache as he had his mouth. His tongue laps at his sex, tasting him and kissing him as Ari groans with delight. The sounds vibrate his whole body, reverberating on Tristan’s tongue as he venerates Ari’s body.

Ari feels his body liquefy like margarine as Tristan prods his clit with his preferred vibrator, hindered uniquely by the provocative man taking lick with his tongue. Ari cums over and over as Tristan has intercourse to his pussy, shooting rushes of delight out of all aspects of his psyche, body, and soul.

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