Guys In Sweatpants

Ricky Larkin, Sharok & Wade Wolfgar put the beginning of Raging Stallion’s latest bareback action “Outta The Park”. Watch them fuck! Bat Sharok, is tidying up the storage space when players Ricky and Wade enter from the showers in the wake of losing a game. They single out Sharok for being their bat kid yet Sharok realizes that they truly need to let loose a little after their misfortune.

Ricky Larkin, Sharok & Wade Wolfgar - Outta The Park

Sharok jumps on his knees and opens his mouth wide for Ricky and Wade to alternate fucking his anxious face. Sharok gets the folks shake hard and twists around to give them a chance to experience his shaggy hole. Wade Wolfgar is the first to suck on Sharok’s bushy break and gets him decent and opened up for his pal, Ricky Larkin, to top off with his enormous raw bat. Ricky slides inside and pounds away as Wade fills Sharok’s face with his thick cock. Wade needs his bareback turn now inside Sharok’s hole and takes up the back with his fat bat.

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It’s too enormous to fit in Sharok’s hole yet Sharok is resolved to take it balls profound and rolls onto his back with his legs noticeable all around. Wade Wolfgar extends the hole before him as Ricky fucks Sharok’s face. The folks alternate railing both of Sharok’s holes from each end until Wade needs his turn as the catcher. As a very late substitute, Wade goes from pitcher to catcher and lies back to let Ricky Larkin pound his ass. Ricky dives Wade’s open hole until he hauls out and showers Wade’s furry balls with thick jizz. Next up, Sharok steps off deck and up to the plate to fuck Wade until both spent studs impact all over Wade’s hairy body.



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