Bad Puppy Presents: Alex Meyer – Solo Session

Bad Puppy Presents: Alex Meyer - Solo Session 2
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Alex Meyer is a special guest at Bad Puppy for this week’s solo session of the studio. Alex grabs his cock and jerks off until he spits his load. 23-year-old Alex is genuinely new to the business and during the meeting, we discover he’s needed to get into pornography for an extremely prolonged stretch of time. He starts educating us regarding a couple he realizes that are likewise his companions. One night when he is visiting these two folks things get somewhat playful, they all end up in bed together where Alex is acquainted with his first twofold entrance.

Bad Puppy Presents: Alex Meyer - Solo Session

Clearly considering the circumstance gets Alex’s juices streaming and he starts scouring the developing lump in his shorts. Alex Meyer slips his shirt off and pulls a gigantic bit of man-meat out of the highest point of his shorts. His dick gets shake hard rapidly and off come his shorts. Alex comes to over, snatches the jug of lube and subsequent to squirting it into his hand he starts scouring it onto his long, thick cock. His other hand reaches down and fingers start examining his ass. Alex moves over on the bed and twists around guiding his ass toward the roof.

Bad Puppy Presents: Alex Meyer - Solo Session 1

His fingers work all through his ass while he keeps jacking his enormous cock. He knows he’s worked himself into a free for all and before he loses it Alex Meyer lies back on the bed, fingers keep working his hole and he jacks his cock harder and quicker. His whole body goes inflexible and vocally you can inform that he’s regarding blow. Thick, velvety jizz starts squirting, covering his hand and trickling down the side of his cock. With a most fulfilled look, Alex gives the camera a little grin as it focuses in on his rich burden before blurring to dark.

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