Czech Hunter – Episode 468: Shy Guy

Czech Hunter - Episode 468: Shy Guy 2

Today on Czech Hunter, our director has the chance to fuck a stud who looks so shy and innocent. Well, actually the guy is a power bottom. I wasn’t certain about this person from the start. He looked timid and guiltless… Nothing wandered, nothing picked up I let myself know and moved toward him. He was not from Prague and looked somewhat threatened by the city.

Czech Hunter - Episode 468: Shy Guy

Not extremely loquacious and somewhat shrouded but rather my cash caused him to get things done. He had a pleasant and slender body, so I was extremely cheerful when he consented to tail me off the road. We discovered some protection under a close by scaffold and had a really decent time together. My new companion had a young lady yet additionally required cash, so everything went easily.

Czech Hunter - Episode 468: Shy Guy 1

I was totally dazed by his huge faux pas. His mouth was likewise truly great, and I couldn’t hold back to put my cock up his modest ass. He took all these nasties really well and even gave me his telephone number. It’d be decent on the off chance that he had a couple of companions in money related issues.




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