Another week, and another cum party is happening on Fraternity X. The guys lick their cocks and holes, fuck bareback, cum everywhere… what a mess! Needless to say that everything starts so spontaneous… they’re watching on tv, when of them just says: “Guys, lets fuck!”

Fraternity X - Lick It Up (Another cum party)

The rest is a cool bareback action. All the men in the house suck each other’s dicks and rim each other’s holes, before starting the true party. They fuck over and over again, as cum is flying everywhere.

Fraternity X - Lick It Up (Another cum party) 1

Nothing unusual or special. Just another ordinary day for the guys from Fraternity X… As one of them summarized: All of us were rock hard just watching the game when this happened lol at least someone remembered to spit. BTW this week’s bitch was super into it.



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