Jacob Hansen and Travis Stevens start by sucking each other’s cock and end on the bed, fucking bareback, in this video by Helix Studios. Travis and Jacob seethe in their arousing, dark and red room worked for some genuine fucking. After a provocative snog session, Hansen discharges Stevens’ furious hard apparatus directly into his mouth and does some heavenly, profound throat harm.

Helix Studios: Jacob Hansen and Travis Stevens

Thusly, Travis handles the twink’s considerable phallus, throating the thick dick down to his enormous, cum filled balls. Travis stands up, turns Jacob around, and puts that very much worked out body to ass bangin’ work! He pummels his firm dick profound into Hansen’s ravenous hole and puts a piece peen beating rebuffing down on the pretty kid! Travis ups his top game and gets imaginative with that epic cock. He pounds Hansen topsy turvy for a significantly more profound dicking.

Helix Studios: Jacob Hansen and Travis Stevens 1

At that point, the all American ass ace requests Jacob onto the bed; and, he heats this seat parting crush session to the point of boiling by bangin’ bone down the kid’s byway till ass smacking sex sounds fill the air! Shake hard the whole time, Jacob jacks his muscle head till it planes jizz all over his tight, twink six-pack. At that point, Travis hauls out and paints the kid’s body with a great many impacts of wonderful kid bust! They gasping beautiful young men end this uncouth, sentimental, slam session with a scurrilous kiss.



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