My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Sean Duran – Chapter 2

My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Sean Duran - Chapter 2 1
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Sean Duran can’t get enough of his new boy toy. He returns on My FTM Crush, ready to place his hard cock inside Ary’s boy pussy. Ari gets down on his knees and takes Sean’s cock in his mouth, feeling its size and size drive separated his lips as it fills his face. Ari strokes him here and there, getting him wet and wild as Sean reclines and watches with charm.

My FTM Crush: Ari Koyote & Sean Duran - Chapter 2

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Sean gets Ari on the bed and spreads his legs wide separated to cover his tongue between his pussy. Sean eats up his groin, feeling Ari’s clit become more enthusiastically and progressively touchy with each lick. Ari groans in delight, frantic for Sean to go further and quicker. Sean recognizes the appetite easily and turns him over on each of the fours, situating himself behind him and forcefully pushing his cock somewhere down in Ari’s cunt.

The trans kid shakes to and fro on Sean’s part, feeling it slide totally inside his pussy and topping off his pelvis. Ari’s littler, slight edge is shaken all over as Sean’s alpha stud fucking quickens!

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