Arad Winwin & Devin Franco – Afternoon Affairs by Falcon Studios

Arad Winwin & Devin Franco - Afternoon Affairs by Falcon Studios 1
Next Door Studios

Arad Winwin and Devin Franco star in this week’s edition of “Afternoon Affairs” by Falcon Studios. Devin bottoms for Arad’s raw cock. Devin Franco is on the love seat inside watching pornography and getting hard. With his cock in his grasp, Devin sees Arad Winwin outside cutting the supports. Arad loses his shirt while working under the sweltering sun, and Devin promptly welcomes Arad inside to go along with him. Arad ventures inside and gets caught up with sucking the hunky mortgage holder’s thick cock. Arad stirs his mouth here and there Devin’s cock, bringing the pole down his throat until his lips meet Devin’s balls. Advancing from his cock down to his hole, Arad drives Devin’s legs back and circles his hole with his tongue. Devin submits and gives the horny yard specialist a chance to eat him out.

Arad Winwin & Devin Franco - Afternoon Affairs by Falcon Studios

When Arad has had his fill of Devin’s hole in his mouth, he puts Devin on his knees and feeds him his massive bar. Devin takes each incredible push from Arad’s cock as it hits the back of his throat. Needing considerably more, Devin twists around and Arad slides his cock into Devin’s willing ass. Exchanging positions, Devin jumps on his back to take a profound, bareback beating from Arad. When Devin needs to be in charge, he hops over Arad and bobs his bubbly muscle ass on Arad’s thick meat. Devin riding his post sends Arad over the edge, and he shoots his warm cum all over Devin’s loosened up hole. With Arad’s heap covering his hole, Devin rides Arad’s dick one final time, while Arad helps Devin out by stroking his stone hard cock until Devin shoots a thick burden all over Arad’s sweat-soaked abs. At the point when it’s all finished, Devin bounces off Arad’s cock and licks up his own heap from Arad’s sweat-soaked middle.


Next Door Studios


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