Guys In Sweatpants

Devin Franco & Josh Mikael play kinky in this gay fisting session by Club Inferno Dungeon. Josh punch fucks Devin’s red hole. Devin Franco’s at the ‘Fisting Spa’ and he’s holding back to get turned back to front at this point! Devin twists around to uncover his smooth hole, activating Josh Mikael to jump his hairy face in, tongue first. Devin’s hole can’t get enough consideration, yet Devin needs Josh to get in somewhat more profound. Glad to assist his new bud, Josh slicks his fists and pounds them profound into Devin’s uncovered hole. It doesn’t take some time before Devin is flaunting an ideal rosebud and Josh keeps reaming his hole with his fists.

Devin Franco & Josh Mikael for Club Inferno Dungeon

Needing to demonstrate exactly how hungry his hole is, Devin jumps up to ride Josh’s fist, turn around cowboy style. Intrigued by Devin’s capacity to take a fist, Josh turns him around so Devin can keep piercing himself on Josh’s hand while Josh sucks on Devin’s cock. Anxious to get his nut, Devin lays back to take Josh’s fists. Each time Josh’s hand leaves Devin’s asshole, he’s met with Devin’s splendid red rosebud in his face. Incapable to keep down any more, Devin snatches tightly to his cock and beats his meat until Josh’s fist inside makes him blow a rich load all over his smooth abs.

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