Dirty Scout – Episode 210: The Carpenter

Dirty Scout - Episode 210: The Carpenter 1
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In episode 210 of Dirty Scout, a guy from Ostrava is looking for a carpenter job. We have a good position, but the guy has to bottom for the job. This attractive woodworker needed a pleasant activity in Prague. I surmise he was following those huge city dreams folks like him have. Making dreams work out is kind of my side interest. Particularly when it includes fellows as fuckable as this fair cutie. I got him a line of work and he was glad to take it.

Dirty Scout - Episode 210: The Carpenter

In return, I requested that just engage in sexual relations with him. He wasn’t too hard to even think about convincing. The person was so delightful when he attempted to deal with a cock without precedent for his life! What’s more, his too-tight ass was just unfathomable. It required some investment to extend it appropriately, yet he cherished it at last. It was so hot watching him shudder in joy while getting beat lying around my work area. He truly required a shower after I was finished with him…


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