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This week Dominic Pacifico barebacks Riley Ward for DominicPacifico.Com. The ripped daddy gives Riley the best thrusting from behind. Nothing more sizzling in my book than a ruddy cheeked white muscleboy with a voracious hunger for my Latino daddy dick. Riley Ward laps at my mouth like a ravenous little guy as he changes my shaggy nip, comes to down for a bunch of raw whole cock. Down on every one of the fours he makes a plunge for a significant piece before I can even get my shorts right down. I fuck his face and get him hot for some more unpleasant activity.

Dominic Pacifico and Riley Ward

After I lick his puckered pink hole, he’s more than prepared to get his butt impacted bareback, brimming with my solid hard piece. I bother him with a moderate smooth beginning, cause him to ask for it harder and more profound. Holding his lower legs wide separated I fuck him hard and shower my seed straight up his dickhungry hole.

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