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This scene of Raging Stallion‘s “Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2” in the icing on the cake this week. Enjoy Logan Stevens, Boomer Banks & Jake Morgan! Sheriff Ricky Larkin gets up to speed with neighborhood tattle with his hung townie companions Logan Stevens, Boomer Banks and Jake Morgan over an agreeable round of strip poker. Boomer is the first to lose, whipping out his XL whole cock and slapping it on the table. Neutral, the Sheriff leaves with a harsh notice, and Logan asks gruffly: ‘So … since we’re as of now stripped, wanna fuck?’ Jake says it helps him to remember a porno and needs to watch.

Logan Stevens, Boomer Banks & Jake Morgan - Blood Moon: Timberwolves 2

Boomer kicks back on the kitchen table for a waiting sensual caress from Logan, who forces down as a significant part of the mammoth instrument as he can before standing up and twisting Boomer over. The brawny light stud gradually works his own substantial whole cock into Boomer’s ass and makes them cry with each bareback push. Jake takes a seat for a more intensive look, stroking his thick dick and egging them on. Boomer tumbles to his knees to suck Logan, at that point gives back in kind pushing his massive bar up Logan’s fluffy light ass. The extraordinary raw fuck before him makes Jake pop first, creaming all over his hand as he drains out each drop. Logan keeps going as long as he can till Boomer siphons his ass and the jizz begins flying, which sends Boomer over the edge and he empties on and in his mate Logan’s well-extended hole.

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