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It’s time for a big premiere by Peter Fever. In episode 1 of his new movie “College Seductions”, Cesar Xes barebacks Asian star Jessie Lee. Seething hot Latino Cesar Xes is snatching his huge whole cock and viewing a straight pornography when hot Asian muscleboy Jessie Lee strides in to watch. He offers to help with that hardon, and acquires a vibrating pervert that twists and sucks his swollen instrument. Once Cesar is smooth and shake hard, the two muscle heads dump the toy and start playing around. Cesar asks, “You suck cock superior to anything any bitch I’ve been with, improve as well?”

Peter Fever - College Seductions 1: Cesar Xes & Jessie Lee

Jessie jumps on hands and knees to show the Latin muscle stud that a horny Asian kid can fuck like no one else can. His ass dribbling with lube, Jessie takes Cesar’s harsh, beating bareback fuck like a champ and finishes with his hole coated in velvety Latin seed.

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