Guys In Sweatpants

Puppy Davey is a submissive bottom who likes bondage, domination, and humiliation. Silas Rise plays with Davey for My Dirtiest Fantasy. Silas has returned out so get where he left his slave a few days ago, someplace in the mountains alongside a stream, with a couple of fast whips to make the kid feel some glow, the sensation changes over to some torment as some areola clasps are applied and his body is run over by a pinwheel.

Puppy Davey & Silas Rise for My Dirtiest Fantasy

The torment anyway doesn’t end there, as inside minutes his balls are tied with an imaginative metal grasp and weights are applied, and the whipping proceeds for this openly uncovered kid. The best part of the scene is the unpleasant and humiliating fuck that this Pup will get by Silas!

Tim Tales


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