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Furry Macho Diego Sans comes back to Men.Com to destroy another ass. In “Secret Affairs”, Diego pumps Thyle Knoxx’s hot spot. What better approach to go through a day away from work than to jack off to your preferred attractive camguy? Diego Sans strips out of his garments and twists up with his PC to watch Thyle Knoxx’s hot cam appear and fantasize pretty much all the grimy things he’d do on the off chance that he could get his hands on the shocking twink…

Secret Affairs: Thyle Knoxx and Diego Sans

Like looking as Thyle sucks his cock before fucking Diego’s mouth, at that point eating his ass and fingering him. It appears to be practically genuine as Diego fucks Thyle doggystyle, at that point watches him ride his cock invert before beating his ass somewhere down in piledriver, coming full circle in a synchronous climax!

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