Bad Puppy: Drew Dixon and Ethan Chase

Bad Puppy: Drew Dixon and Ethan Chase 1
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Versatile studs Drew Dixon and Ethan Chase take turns fucking each other bareback in today’s raw session by BadPuppy. Drew Dixon comes back with newcomer Ethan Chase As they disclose to us a little about themselves it’s anything but difficult to see the power working between the two. In the wake of ripping off one another’s shirts Drew advises Ethan to sit back on the couch. Drew pulls off Ethan’s jeans uncovering his stone-hard whole cock. Ethan comes to over and assists Drew with the excursion of his jeans while Ethan burns through no time going down on Drew’s whole bit of meat.

Bad Puppy: Drew Dixon and Ethan Chase

Drew starts face-fucking from underneath as Ethan swallows each and every inch, occasionally choking as Drew’s dick hits the back of his throat. Ethan lies back on the couch and Drew straddles him in such a manner the two start sixty-nining and every one of them is before long stifling on one another’s size. Ethan transforms over and Drew pushes his tongue profound into Ethan’s hole, preparing it for his tremendous cock. Drew stoops behind and gradually drives his cock somewhere inside Ethan. Stepped is before long shaking to and fro beating Ethan harder with each push. They flip things up when Drew lays back on the couch with his legs pulled back. Ethan covers his tongue into Drew’s ass and gets it pleasant and wet before furrowing his cock profound into Drew’s holding up the hole.

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Ethan goes at Drew quick and irate and as he pounds away Drew snatches his very own cock and starts yanking. Flipping things up again Drew enters Ethan from behind. He’s fucking Ethan firm however then he can’t bear it any longer. Drew hauls his cock out and squirts his cum all over Ethan’s ass. Drew hops over Ethan, slides down on to his cock and starts stirring his ass up on down on Ethan’s dick. He sends Ethan over the edge and Ethan hauls out, showering a thick heap of jizz all over Drew’s cock. Drew comes to down and snatches a sample of Ethan’s spunk before both of them slide into a tranquil hold onto as the camera blurs to dark.


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