Fun Size Boys: Austin L Young & Dolf Dietrich – Chapter 1

Fun Size Boys: Austin L Young & Dolf Dietrich - Chapter 1 1
The Big C Men

In “Santa’s Little Helper”, the first chapter of the story of Austin L Young & Dolf Dietrich for Fun Size Boys, Dolf plows Austin bareback. There’s almost no that Austin needs for at Christmas. He’s appreciative for such a significant number of things and favored to have brilliant, cherishing individuals throughout his life! He’s likewise extremely fortunate to have a system of tall, attractive men who love to utilize his mouth and ass like he’s their own toy…

Fun Size Boys: Austin L Young & Dolf Dietrich - Chapter 1

One such a goliath is the lean, mean, tatted fuck machine, Dolf Dietrich. Donning a Santa top, the 6’6″ Adonis rushes to get Austin with his long, solid arms, and kissing him delicately before lifting him up off the ground. Little Austin is for all intents and purposes weightless in the enormous man’s grip, feeling totally controlled by his attractive accomplice.

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Austin pulls down Dolf’s jeans, taking his massive cock in his mouth, attempting his best to take it to the rear of his throat with each enjoying stroke of his tongue. Dolf’s cock gets much harder seeing his little cocksucker make a solid effort to fulfill him, thinking ahead to every one of the manners in which he can fuck him. With somebody as compact and excited Austin, he realizes he can pound and breed his young sweetheart in manners he would never do with any other individual!

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