Fun Size Boys: Legrand Wolf & Mark Winters – Chapter 2

Fun Size Boys: Legrand Wolf & Mark Winters – Chapter 2 1
The Big C Men

In this scene by Fun Size Boys, Mark Winters is eager to feel Legrand Wolf’s raw cock penetrate his tight hole, hungry for his affection as well as his load. As the two men headed into Wolf’s room, they kissed and touched one another, stopping just to hold each other firmly. Imprint cherished squeezing his head against Dr. Wolf’s chest, hearing his heart thumping uproariously into his ear. He felt secured and needed as he felt Dr. Wolf’s hard cock-squeezing toward his midsection.

Fun Size Boys: Legrand Wolf & Mark Winters – Chapter 2

The two stripped down, removing their garments and yielding to their hearty wants. Dr. Wolf needed to show the kid love and fondness, beginning with Mark’s modest flawless butt. As his hands moved to Mark’s rear, prodding his hole and massaging his cheeks, Mark took his tall host’s massive cock into his mouth. The kid’s tongue worked each noteworthy inch, taking it once again into his throat until his lips brushed Dr. Wolf’s pubic hair. Imprint could feel the goliath top’s balls swing underneath his jaw, loaded up with the specialist’s incredible seed.

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He needed to feel it in him, filling him and making him warm everywhere. Dr. Wolf could detect that craving in the manner Mark gulped him down, making him much harder in the little kid’s mouth…

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