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This week on GayCest, Legrand Wolf & Jonathan F Maze put the beginning of brand new gay porn story “The Doctor’s Son”. Dr. Wolf could see the boy shaking, uncertain about whether it was the virus air or nerves. In any case, he got the boy close and held him firmly. He murmured to him that it was alright and that he was there for him – a conclusion that made Luke’s heart swell. He knew why they were there and how extraordinary it was.

Gaycest: Jonathan F Maze - Chapter 1 with Legrand Wolf

When they got inside, their lips met, accused of an obvious sexual vitality that was just exacerbated by the long stroll to the concealed lodge. He set the boy on a seat, destroying down his jeans somewhat to uncovered his tight hole, lifting his legs upstanding. Dr. Wolf was voracious, groping the boy’s cock and balls, while putting his thumb on Luke’s hole. Dr. Wolf needs to take as much time as is needed and make the minute last, yet his very own wants are excessively solid! He slides himself between Luke’s cheeks, and with a delicate push, he punctures the boy’s virgin hole, feeling him tremble as he moves his way in inch by inch.

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