Next Door Raw: Aspen & Dacotah Red

Next Door Raw: Aspen & Dacotah Red 1

In this week’s Next Door Raw update, Aspen gets his ass barebacked by Dacotah Red. The scene is nice & passionate, as sex is pretty hard. As he suns himself out by the pool, Aspen sees new neighbor Dacotah Red keeping an eye on him from nearby.

Next Door Raw: Aspen & Dacotah Red

Aspen is captivated by Dacotah’s interest and puts on a little act for him, which Dacotah unquestionably affirms, and once he’s certain Dacotah’s intrigued, Aspen brings him over. Dacotah makes his goals evident, and Aspen inquires as to whether anybody saw him come over, in light of the fact that this is one neighborhood get together where the spouses aren’t welcomed.

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