Guys In Sweatpants

This week on Raw Fuck Boys, the intense bareback adventure JJ Thorne, Logan Carter & Riley Ross continues. Riley is the cameraman again. Riley surrounds the expanding flanks of his horny models, Logan Carter and JJ Thorne. JJ can’t keep his lips off of Logan’s hot body, liquefying in his hold, as the scruffy muscle head paws at his smooth butt. The large man cherishes how his base’s athletic supporter superbly exhibits his scrumptious posterior, making his mouth water to get a taste! JJ venerates his inked top, hungry to swallow his meat and work out a thick burden.

Raw Fuck Boys: JJ Thorne, Logan Carter & Riley Ross - Part 2

Inclining him back on the bed, JJ administrations Logan’s cock, stroking it with his hand as the hunky stud watches on in please. Logan can scarcely contain himself, removing the ideal sensual caress to get his fuzzy face between JJ’s cheeks. With his advantages and ass spread, Logan edges his base, feeling him respond to each flick of his tongue. JJ’s groans are the indication of his requirement for a profound rearing, giving Logan the green light to slide his raw cock somewhere inside!

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