BoundGods: Colby Jansen & Pierce Paris

BoundGods:  Colby Jansen & Pierce Paris 1
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On BoundGods, dressed up in cool blue, latex pants muscled Master Colby Jansen is ready to use Pierce Paris in the most brutal way possible. Colby is prepared to show buff stud Pierce a thing or two he’ll always remember. He sets up his camera before hauling Pierce into the room. He abuses Pierce near the camera. Penetrate battles vainly as Colby discloses to him that this video will be sent to each and every one of Pierce’s contacts so everybody can perceive what a bitch boy Pierce truly is. Puncture opposes however must choose between limited options to take what Colby gives him. Colby punishes his uncovered ass with his gloved hands. He drives his fingers into Pierce’s mouth, making him taste the cowhide of his gloves. He drives Pierce’s face into his pits, making Pierce take in the fragrance of a genuine man.

BoundGods:  Colby Jansen & Pierce Paris

At that point he hauls Pierce close to the camera to shave since everybody realizes boys don’t have facial hair, just Daddies do. Puncture battles as Colby shaves his face and sputters as he dumps all the hair all over. Next, Colby presses Pierce’s delicate areolas and smacks his chest. He crops Pierce all finished and works him over with an overwhelming flagellating that has Pierce shouting out. He destroys Pierce all over his body. He makes Pierce mention to the camera what a prostitute he is for cock before choking him with an open mouth choke. Seeing within Pierce’s entirely pink boy mouth gets Colby hard.

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He pushes his cock into his wet hole and fucks Pierce’s face. At that point, he twists Pierce over and directions Pierce to drive his balls into his own ass. Penetrate obeys and gets hit with his balls in his ass. When his ass is red, Colby drives his raw cock into Pierce’s ass close by Pierce’s balls. Penetrate’s ass tight and extended full as Colby fucks him bareback. Colby makes Pierce taste his ass before beating his ass once more. At long last, he cums all over his boy’s face. At that point, Pierce sits on his Daddy’s lap and snaps off. Colby rubs his boy’s heap all over his face and hauls him away for increasingly fun.

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